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Baby Piano for Toddlers & Kids

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3 - 4 YEARS
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The app description from app developers (Disclaimer English Only): ***** Developed by an award-winning educational studio, 22learn, the creator of the best-selling Abby Basic Skills app, in cooperation with educational specialists. ***** A title from our extremely successful Abby series -- all TWELVE (!) RANKED #1 APP FOR KIDS on APP Store in many countries. Musical Puzzles is a musical toy for babies and toddlers developed by an award-winning educational studio, 22learn. Children will love 10 engaging games that nurture the aspiring little musicians’ creativity, motor skills, and appreciation of sounds and music. ====== Recommended ages: 2-8 LEARN to differentiate and match sounds EXPLORE the sounds of musical instruments CREATE your own melodies and record them PLAY with instruments and engage in several matching games LISTEN to popular childhood classics such as Old MacDonald ====== 10 featured games in total (4 NEW GAMES included in the recent update): 1. Animal Piano Play the piano. Record your music. Listen to classic childhood melodies, including Old MacDonald, Twinkle Twinkle, Bingo, Five Little Monkeys, and Alphabet Song. 2. Matching Game The ultimate challenge for little sound explorers. Can you match the same sounds? Listen to the sound to be matched and then match it with one of several options. 3. Xylophone Complete a xylophone puzzle. Then play the xylophone, listen to a melody, or record your own music. 4. Drums Who wouldn’t want to be a drummer? Complete the puzzle and then beat the drums to your heart’s content. 5. Music Machine Drag the sound marbles onto the music machine to explore sounds and make your own music. 6. Super Music Machine More instruments, more machines, more fun! Mix and match different instruments to create complex compositions. 7. Memory Game (NEW) Listen to the sequence of sounds. Memorize the sounds and attempt to reproduce the sequence. Be ready for a challenge – the sequences get progressively longer. 8. Notes & Buttons (NEW) Complete a fun shape matching activity and unlock cute buttons that make sounds. Be sure to record your music as you tap on the colorful buttons. 9. Quack Puzzle (NEW) Quack, quack, music under attack! Complete a fun puzzle—a stacker with duck heads—and compose quirky melodies that combine musical and animal sounds as a reward. 10. Rhythm Flight (NEW) Time to test your ear for rhythm with our very special music birds. Tap on the birds at the right time to get them to chirp a melody for you. Choose out of five popular songs: Old MacDonald, Alphabet Song, Bingo, Twinkle Twinkle, and Five Little Monkeys. ====== Musical Puzzles was extensively tested with preschool children to ensure its design is as simple as possible and that children can explore the application independently. We hope your tiny musicians will love it!
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