For Parents - TAK Index Review Lists for Parents

Parents find it challenging to make the right game decision for their children. Fortunately, TAK Index review lists can help parents overcome this challenge.


Every parent has a different sensitivity to different issues. We are not here to judge your parental beliefs. We play the game and provide the information to you. Then, you decide what to play with your kid.

• The ethical aspects symbols you see next to the games are here to provide information to you. Explore our symbols to have a better understanding.

• Violence symbols indicate the level of violence detected by our reviewer specialists. Check our violence page for more information.

• The TAK Index is carefully calculated based on Game Design, Game Interactivity, Aspects of Cognitive Development in the Game, and Aspects of Personality Development in the Game. It does not include any ethical aspects or the violence level.

• Games are categorised into different age groups based on our six child development categories. It is a kind reminder that each kid is unique, and so are their development stages. Only use these stages as a guideline.

Use the information provided by the TAK Index team to make the best decision for your kid!

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If you are not sure about how to choose a game for your kid, we suggest you follow these steps:

Explore our child development stages. Then decide which age category suits your kid the best.
Explore the ethical aspects symbols and make your choices based on what you want to prioritise.
Explore the violence levels and decide on which level of violence you are okay with for your child.
Then go to the All Reviewed Apps page, and use the filter on the left to select your preferred age group, ethical aspects and level of violence.

You will get a list of games based on the TAK Index score. The higher the score, the greater the number of beneficial developmental aspects there are in the game. Next, see The App Evaluation Summary pages and make your decision.