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How to Be A Reviewer Specialist - Review for Apps and Games Including Puzzlers, Prek Games, Educational Games, MMORPGs and io Games


We are very selective with our reviewers. We believe choosing the right reviewers is going to give us a more reliable index for each game. With this in mind, each game is assessed by at least five reviewers. Therefore, we are always looking for more reviewers from different countries, cultures, genders and ages. If you think you meet our criteria to become one of our reviewers, please fill in the form.


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Why you should be one
of our reviewers?

• Make our future better by improving the quality of apps our kids are exposed to.

• Learn different aspects of kids' developmental stages through reviewer training.

• Learn more about the kids' game sector.

• Have an additional income with a flexible part-time job.

What you should send us
for your application?

• Your up-to-date CV

• Three recent references from referees we can contact

• A cover letter that describes a successful event in your life (please tell us about something that you have achieved in life, it can be anything); and why you are applying for this position.

Who can be one
of our reviewers?

• Have a graduate degree (3.5 or over) from one of the the top ten universities in your country

• Have a graduate degree in a children's development related topic such as education, psychology and social work.

• Have at least five years of experience with kids

• Have proficiency in English

What do we expect from
our reviewers?

• Being a kind, reliable, technology-friendly person

• Attend an online initial-reviewer-training course on how to assess the games with our review protocol

• Reviewer-to-reviewer online meetings for each game when necessary