tak index

Apps Review Process

The apps review process begins with the professional review specialists playing the apps and then filling out the review forms. Reviews are completed after consensus reached among the reviewer specialists.

Reviewer's Evaluation

Our review protocol is designed to assess:

Our review protocol is evaluated by our advisory board team annually to incorporate the recent developments in the field.

Each app is assigned to at least five reviewer specialists.

We control gender bias. At least two female and two male reviewers are allocated to each app. We also control cultural bias by making sure reviewer specialists are chosen from at least two different countries. All reviewers have extensive experience in children's education and development. They play the apps and fill out their reviewer form.  

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Reviewers' assessments are automatically uploaded to our system.

If their assessments are at odds, reviewers meet online to reach a consensus. If no consensus is reached (>80% agreement across all reviewer specialists), then more review requests are assigned to the different reviewer specialists. It is essential for us to have a reliable TAK index for each app. 

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The evaluation of ethical aspects and violence is given as a symbol to provide specific information to parents. They are not included in the TAK Index. The TAK index is calculated based on four categories including

TAK index of 10 means a well-designed app that is good for cognitive development and has elements that contribute to kids’ personality development.