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BTS Island: In the SEOM

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6 - 11 YEARS
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The app description from app developers (Disclaimer English Only): Bored of old, typical match-3 puzzle games? Welcome to BTS Island: in the SEOM. Join the wildest adventure of BTS on an island. Life on the Island is DOPE! Explore, decorate, and customize buildings with stunning skins. Go fishing, prepare a meal, practice dancing, sing, snorkel, take a nap, read books and enjoy every part of island life till BTS finds a way to escape or Bang PD rescues them. Ready for an exciting adventure that awaits you? Let’s go on a journey filled with fun, stress-free match-3 gameplay with powerful boosters, and enjoy unlimited lives and power-ups. It's time for a BLAST! Let’s get it! ▶RUN your own BTS Island: in the SEOM now and enjoy these unique features: - Thousands of match-3 levels with unique boosters such as Top, Rocket, Bomb, Blast, and BTS BOMB - Challenging puzzle obstacles such as Chains, Boxes, Candy & Candy Machine, and Color Boxes that make the puzzle journey more exciting than ever - Stunning decorations and skins to customize all the boys’ home & garden - Photography mode to take beautiful pictures of the island and every Bangtan members - Cute pets and animals of all kinds – cats, dogs, and even a turtle - Endless styles of costumes, and hairstyles to give BTS a makeover - Cute interactions of all BTS characters to gain Happiness - Updates on new puzzle levels and Today’s Missions regularly - A wide collection of BTS selfies and SUGA’s original soundtrack 'Our Island (Prod. SUGA of BTS)' - Exciting events and leagues to compete with other ARMYs from all over the world Complete the puzzle levels and decorate the mysterious island. Solve the match-3 games to unlock new episodes of the BTS saga living on an island. This adventure on an island is super fun, easy to play yet challenging to master. And of course, it's free to play without any ad interruptions. ▶Need tips and tricks on how to master BTS Island: in the SEOM? - Move the blocks to match 3 blocks of the same color - Match more than 4 blocks of the same color to create Power-ups - Pop blocks using Power-ups, Boosters to blast to the next level - Combine Power-ups to clear more blocks at once - Use Gold to get additional moves and Boosters - Get Stars by solving puzzle games and unlock the compelling BTS saga - Lack of Hearts? No worries. Make friends from all over the world and get lives from them to keep the game going - Place characters on decors or props to gain Happiness and earn rewards - Create or join a Club to exchange Hearts and earn Gold - Build a home for BTS with a beautiful garden with different decorations and prop skins for higher Deco Scores Download BTS Island: In the SEOM now and start your thrilling match-3 puzzle gameplay experience for free. ▶Stay up to date on BTS Island: in the SEOM. Get the latest news here: - Official Brand Site: https://bts-island.com/ - Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/INTHESEOM_BTS - Official YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCh7AOH7ar_5F90b7A2Yse7w - Official Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/intheseom_bts/ - Official Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/INTHESEOM.BTS
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