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Dino Dino - For kids 4+

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6 - 11 YEARS
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The app description from app developers (Disclaimer English Only): Dino Dino - The app for all dinosaur fans. Find out everything about our 21 dinosaurs in 5 mini-games and discover many secrets of the prehistoric age. Dino Dino is designed to playfully introduce preschoolers to the world of dinosaurs. In a modern design, Dino Dino sheds light on the way of life, appearance, social and hunting behavior and conveys basic knowledge about the different dinosaur species. Thanks to a cooperation with the Paläontologische Gesellschaft, the latest findings await you, as they have never been found in any other dinosaur app before. What did the dinosaurs actually look like? Did the Spinosaurus eat fish? Which is heavier, a digger or a Tyrannosaurus Rex? How big did brachiosaurs get? Find out in our app and even create your own coloring dinosaurs! Dino Dino is suitable for all hobby researchers from the age of 4. With extensive voice recordings, Dino Dino is available with full dubbing in 11 languages. This playful transfer of knowledge and the appealing design should awaken the interest of children and adults in complex topics and be a lot of fun. Which dinosaurs can you discover: Allosaurus Ankylosaurus Archaeopteryx Baryonyx Brachiosaurus Deinonychus Dilophosaurus Diplodocus Gallimimus Iguanodon Maiasaura Microraptor Pachycephalosaurus Parasaurolophus Spinosaurus Stegosaurus Titanoceratops Triceratops Tyrannosaurus Utahraptor Velociraptor What mini-games are waiting for you: Paint dinos and give them a feather coat Find out what the dinosaurs eat and feed them What is heavier, a digger or the Tyrannosaurus Rex? Dig through different layers of earth until you find the bones of the biggest dinos Put the dinos back together correctly like a puzzle Rummage through an extensive catalog of questions anwered by real paleontologists
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