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E-LEARNING APP This application are designed for educational purposes that provides educational courses and interactive activities for users to learn at their own pace.
TAK Index only evaluates gaming apps. As this application is not a gaming app, TAK Index suggests parents to review whether the application meets their child's educational needs.
Edmodoworld is a safe, online community platform designed for social learning. Edmodoworld helps to improve student performance, better engage learners and supports equitable access to a high-quality education approach. Edmodoworld increases the impact of learning with engaging tools for the classroom such as professional collaboration, communication, and community building -all on the same platform. It is easy to use, scalable, safe and fun. It helps education institutions grow participation in education, and measure and improve student performance. Edmodoworld utilises social media techniques that encourage student participation and engagement with learning. It enables students to learn with others as part of a community by creating a support network and encouraging collaboration. It helps students stay on track by organizing their work with class folders and a built-in planner, messaging a teacher, or getting help from classmates. Edmodoworld empowers teachers to connect and extend their class outside of school. It includes communication tools to facilitate posts and messages, quiz creation, and the sharing of content and digital assignments. Teachers can connect with peers and find inspiration for their next lesson by exploring the Discover area, browsing Spotlight, or following hashtags in edmodoworld. Parents are part of the child’s learning experience within edmodoworld. They can receive automatic updates in real time so they don’t have to wait for their child to show them their grades. They can see assignment and quiz scores as soon as they are graded by their child’s teacher. Parents can stay in touch with teachers. With edmodoworld it’s easy for parents to send their child’s teachers a direct message or follow class updates and they can track their child’s progress wherever they are with the edmodoworld Parents mobile app.
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