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This application provides mobile safety for children. However, the criteria for the safe use are not specified by its developer.
TAK Index suggests parents to review whether the application is in accordance with their own parental beliefs.
Welcome to Kids Flix TV! Enjoy unlimited access to hours of free colorful episodes and clips for kids 2 to 5 on a safe and friendly platform! Our award-winning shows are followed by over 2 million families on YouTube, have been watched more than 2 billion times and we hope they have created well over a gazillion laughs! Sit back, relax and enjoy the show! -- Kids Flix is a FREE video platform for kids to discover and watch clips and episodes of cars, trucks and other adorable characters from our colorful YouTube Kids series.– Our episodes are specifically created to promote emotional and intellectual growth for toddlers and preschoolers. WHAT DOES IT FEATURE? • Hours of kids' episodes and clips • New full episodes regularly • Easy to use interface: just tap and swipe • Lullabies, nursery rhymes and kids’ songs • Puzzle Games - learn shapes and colors! • Character based playlists • A safe, enclosed environment Read on and discover what makes us unique: • No login required • No Ads GREAT SHOWS DRIVEN BY GREAT CHARACTERS Car City: Car City is not just a town - it’s an entire world, enhanced by the car characters that populate it. Our heroes take toddlers and preschoolers on an interactive quest to help a friendly resident out of a tricky situation. Includes: • Carl the Super Truck - a fearless superhero racing to save the day • Car Patrol - A police squad with a police car, a firefighter and a helicopter • Tom the Tow Truck - including Tom's Paint Shop episodes, in which his friends get to play dress up and become dinosaurs, Robin Hood or a unicorn, you name it! Monster Town: Through every new challenge or adventure, the Monster Trucks team up to help their community and each other. The show focuses on teamwork and citizenship to inspire positive values to kids. SING ALONG NURSERY RHYMES AND UPBEAT SONGS One Zeez: Featuring upbeat melodies and stimulating, bright universes; this show engages toddlers with four kids who are part of a pop band! Each episode features a fun new song and light action that promotes self-confidence! Lily’s Lovely Songs: Introduce toddlers to creative imagery while listening to nursery rhymes! Little ones build vocabulary and develop communication skills. KID-FRIENDLY AND SAFE Kids Flix is designed for families: perfect for curious toddlers, this remains a safe environment with guaranteed parental control. It is a completely enclosed – with no ability for an external party to contact your child. CUSTOMER SERVICE We would love to hear from you! Do not hesitate to contact us at minimango@amusenetwork.com follow us on Facebook or Instagram at @MiniMangoApps or leave us a review! ABOUT US Mini Mango is a French app developer devoted to create fun and interactive games to encourage kindness, autonomous exploration and experimentation. Kids Flix is owned by Amuse, our mother company. You can check out our Youtube page: https://www.youtube.com/user/LouieMillimages Privacy Policy: https://mini-mango.com/privacy
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