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Talking Horse

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4 - 5 YEARS
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The app description from app developers (Disclaimer English Only): The talking horse began a new life on the farm. He has a beautiful house with many rooms, and you can often find him at the gym! Download free Talking Horse game app and meet this amazing virtual pet. He is a handsome young animal who loves to have fun on his playground. You can tickle or slap your hero to see his reactions! Talk to your buddy, watch him dance, and the two of you will quickly become best friends. In the top horse care game, you will try to collect coins and unlock all other rooms. It is so easy to play, so it will surely become your favourite! Do not hesitate to install it on your smartphone because you will be impressed with the lifestyle of this cute little virtual pet. Within the top Talking Horse game you are offered the chance to buy coins and thus unlock so many fantastic things for fun. Choose whether you want five hundred, one thousand and five hundred, or three thousand coins. For only three hundred you can get another instrument for your friend. A completely new room will be opened for just one thousand, and you can only imagine what you could have with three thousand coins. Everything is magical in the life of this animal. The farm is where the miracles happen, so you can tap the aquarium in the living room to see the fish come out, and tap the drawer to see the chick. He is also a skilled musician, since he plays the guitar as well as the trumpets. Try the cool mini games and enjoy this top application. Collect coins together and unlock all other rooms. In Jumpy Horse, you will jump on endless platforms together. Play Horse Smash and hit the animal with a hammer as soon as you see him come out of the pit. You will see that they hold a goose as a hostage, so try to release them. Be quick! In Horse Jump, you will just tap the platform that you want your hero to jump on. He has a wonderful bedroom where he can take a nap. When you think it is time for sleep, just turn off the lights for the horse. The rooster will wake him up in the morning. In his gym there is a treadmill which he uses to run or walk, it is your choice. Talk to the horse, he will listen carefully and then he will repeat your words. There is a bathroom where he can brush his teeth and take a bath. In the popular talking game, the horse has a playground, and he loves jumping on a trampoline! He is also great at sports. You and the cute animal will surely become best friends! The latest horse care game is all about fun. Tickle and slap your hero to see his reactions! How to play Talking Horse game app: Play mini games to collect more coins Talk to the horse and he will repeat your words Take the horse to the gym Have fun with him on the playground and make sure he gets some sleep Tickle and slap the horse for fun You will have such a great time together. Go outside on the playground and have some fun. Your hero adores to shooting the ball or jumping on a cute trampoline. Do not hesitate anymore and download the latest talking horse game free of charge. Kids will love this amazing animal, boys and girls of all ages, so do not hesitate to share with your friends and show them your coolest hero. This popular horse app is addictive, and it is easy to play, so your new virtual pet will be easy to take care of. You will surely enjoy spending time with him on your iPhone™ or iPad™!
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