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Ztream- Cloud Gaming

This application contains games designed by many different game developers.
TAK Index suggests this app for young adults over the age of 16.
💚Ztream is a cloud gaming service operated by Thasnim Industries. It is capable of streaming hyper casual games in Android across the globe .unlike other streaming apps this app requires only hundred KBPS speed to play smoothly 💚. 👉currently this prototype contains high quality 30 + hyper casual games. further games will be added on actual release Features👇 Save State:- use your one time registration profile to record your favourite games in the leaderboard . compete against the word players using save state function. Exclusives:- Ztream provides you exclusive Android games which you can only get it on this app. we offer you such apps that means it doesn't get elsewhere Multiplayer:- this field is now the world of multiplayer games . we make every one of games into multiplayer system. this feature allows users to challenge chat and mingle each other. Optimization:- Ztream destined used phones hardware therefore not require additional storage or work. save space and time play your games anywhere anytime . the most feature is players can play games without having download for updates to their personal device . What's for Children:- this apps also lets you play your favourite learning games from here childhood to your children . Some Notable games:- 👉Math v/s Bat 👉Rise Higher 👉Knife hit 👉Drift master And many more. How💗 We affect you :- if you are a worker role of student we offer you mind relaxation for your people at least for 10 minutes a day we offer you a mind short which is capable for your brain health . we also help children for brain development we have some games integrated with education such as using mathematical skills to progress up in game and more fastly we can pull down the games How you can help us:- if you have HTML5 games with you or have an idea about upgrades of our app send me at thasnimcreations@gmail.com remember each and every subapp in this application is for educational purposes only and made by own . Copyrighted. Happy Ztreaming........ Note:A decent internet connection (0.1mbps) is required for smooth working of the app .
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