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Mazaam - The Musical Genius

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3 - 4 YEARS
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The app description from app developers (Disclaimer English Only): Mazaam - The Musical Genius is an edutainment app that uses classical music as an educational tool and contributes to the global development of children ages 4 to 6. Mazaam immerses children in a world populated by funny animals. The challenge? Reunite sea lion families, feed eagles or help boisterous squirrels get to bed… While listening to classical music! THE MAZAAM UNIVERSE OFFERS: - 5 MUSICAL CONCEPTS (Pitch, Tempo, Intensity, Timbre and Harmony) - 15 educational games : 15-30 minute playtime per game - 140+ high quality classical music recordings - No advertising and uncontrolled purchases – Tested by children and approved by parents and teachers – No Internet connection required While playing, children visit five playful worlds and discover masterpieces of classical music. They improve musical, cognitive and social skills while exploring the fundamentals of music: pitch, tempo, intensity, timbre and harmony. FIVE WORLDS TO DISCOVER 1 – World of Squirrels (Pitch) Music involves low-pitched and high-pitched sounds that create melodies. The child is introduced to the pitch of sounds, accompanied by squirrels bursting with energy! 2 – World of Chameleons (Tempo) The tempo sets the rhythm of a musical movement. Children must differentiate between slow and fast musical excerpts. By playing with chameleons, they learn to distinguish tempo. 3 – World of Lynx (Intensity) Children have fun discovering the different degrees of intensity of sounds: soft or loud. As the lynx know, the contrast between these different intensities forms musical nuances. 4 – World of Eagles (Timbre) Timbre is the “colour” of sound, the way each sound is produced. For example, it lets us distinguish a flute from a violin. Hungry eagles help children become familiar with wind instruments and string instruments. 5 – World of Sea Lions (Harmony) Musical harmony contains different elements, including consonance and dissonance. Children learn to distinguish between more harmonious or more discordant excerpts with the help of likeable sea lions. AWARDS AND RECOGNITION -Best Music app for kids 2020- Educational App Store -Best Learning Apps for Kids 2020, PARENTS Magazine -Parent and Teacher Choice Award 2020 Children’s Technology Review, Rating of 86% THE SCIENCE BEHIND MAZAAM Its scientific approach pedagogical method are based on several years of research led by the Canada Research Chair in Music and Learning. Mazaam offers an intuitive and progressive framework. Visual clues provide guidance at the beginning of each game, then gradually disappear to solicit the child’s auditory attention more and more. Very quickly, the child becomes capable of distinguishing, associating and identifying musical elements. In the Mazaam app, children develop both cognitive abilities and musical knowledge, while having fun! AN APP FOR YOUNG CHILDREN...AND ADULTS In Mazaam, the adult-child relationship plays a prominent role… – Follow the child’s progress in the Parent or Teacher Zone – Play with the child and share his or her experience in Duet mode, which puts you in the picture in augmented reality IN-APP PURCHASE Unlock all the 5 worlds and 15 games through one single purchase. Download Mazaam today and support children’s development through play and classical music! Mazaam, the gift of music that lasts a lifetime! For questions or comments: Learn more about Mazaam and the Mazaam Academy for teachers and educators on our website www.mazaam.com/en Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MazaamApp/ Contact us at info@mazaam.com
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